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"This is a great place to work out!!! I've been going to cf lion's den for a few months and I love this place. The coaches are excellent and they make you feel welcomed."

                                              Yelper Sandy R.

"Coach Rhett and everyone at Crossfit Lions Den are top notch. No matter your experience or skill level there is a place for everyone. And their flexible WOD and open gym times make it accessible no matter your schedule. Come join the Lions Den family!"

                                              Google Shane Leiby

"Rhett and his team do a fantastic job here! This box has plenty of equipment and great instruction from staff. There are lots of class times too. Great place!"


                                         Google Robert A. Krecak

"I started Crossfit lions den a year ago. This gym has wonderful trainers and is suited for every fitness level. They are welcoming, knowledgable and you will feel like family!"

                                              Yelper  Jennifer M.

"Good location, solid equipment but the people make this place worth it. No matter what your goal is the coaches will help you to achieve it and the members are supportive."

                                         Google  Jonathan Grassel

"I started dropping in Lions Den a few months back, with coach Rhett & Milton. I must say the encouragement, organization and overall passion they have are amazing! If you are looking for somewhere to go and feel welcomed this is the place for you."

                                              Yelper  Ryan.P




Functional Program


At Crossfit Lion's Den, we promote safe exercise. That is why our functional program was created to ensure that beginners are learning the proper mechanics and techniques through scaled versions of our more advanced movements. The daily functional program consists of warm-up, skillset, metabolic conditioning, and core

Advanced Program


As you progress, and master the mechanics, you will move to a more advanced program of CrossFit where you will be tested at a higher volume, intensity, and complexity. Like the functional program, the advanced programs also consists of warm-up, skillset, metabolic conditioning, and core.​

Core Program

We believe in the importance of developing your core not only for aesthetics, but more importantly for balance, strength, and stability. As you strengthen your core, you will be less likely to encounter injuries in your daily activities and you will become a stronger athlete overall.

Saturday WODs




Our mobility classes aim to increase range of motion and address limitations to movement and performance. You will learn to move better in the gym and how to recover better.

Nutrition Coaching

We believe that nutrition is the foundation for overall good health! With the high demands of CrossFit, proper nutrition is even more important to help you be your best. Our nutrition coaching can help you with performance, weight management and overall health. One-on-one coaching is available to all members of the Den.​

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on addressing musculoskeletal impairments that interfere with a person’s mobility and functionality. Our on-staff, physical therapist will help you achieve and maintain the mobility and strength you need to carry out your desired level of function while minimizing the risk of injury. One-on-one rehabilitative services, functional movement screening and general education in injury prevention from our physical therapist is available to all members of the Den.​

Our Saturday "Team WODs" (Workout Of the Day) are a great way to try us out! If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit, stop by any Saturday for a workout that will both challenge, satisfy you, and leave you wanting more!!!


Our Address:

7444 Narcoossee Rd, Suite 406

Orlando, FL 32822

Contact Detail:

Phone: 407 558 8593


Thanks! One of our coaches will contact you soon!

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CrossFit Lion's Den 2020

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