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Curious about what you'll experience at Lions Den? Check out the motions and elements that make up our programs!


Functional Programs

At Crossfit Lion's Den, we promote safe exercise. That is why our functional program was created to ensure that beginners are learning the proper mechanics and techniques through scaled versions of our more advanced movements. The daily functional program consists of warm-up, skillset, metabolic conditioning, and core.


Core Program

We believe in the importance of developing your core not only for aesthetics, but more importantly for balance, strength, and stability. As you strengthen your core, you will be less likely to encounter injuries in your daily activities and you will become a stronger athlete, overall.


Advanced Programs

As you progress, and master the mechanics, you will move to a more advanced program of CrossFit where you will be tested at a higher volume, intensity, and complexity. Like the functional program, the advanced programs also consists of warm-up, skillset, metabolic conditioning, and core.​



Mobility is worked into our classes regularly and aims to increase the range of motion of our athletes and and address limitations to movement and performance. You will learn to move better in the gym and how to recover better.


Saturday WODs

Our Saturday "Team WODs" (Workout Of the Day) are a great way to sample life at the Den! If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit without a commitment, stop by any Saturday for a workout that will both challenge you and leave you with a massive sense of accomplishment!


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on addressing musculoskeletal impairments that interfere with a person’s mobility and functionality. Our on-staff, physical therapist will help you achieve and maintain the mobility and strength you need to carry out your desired level of function while minimizing the risk of injury. One-on-one rehabilitative services, functional movement screening and general education in injury prevention from our physical therapist is available to all members of the Den


Nutrition Coaching

We believe that nutrition is the foundation for overall good health! With the high demands of CrossFit, proper nutrition is even more important to help you be your best. Our nutrition coaching can help you with performance, weight management and overall health. One-on-one coaching is available to all members of the Den.

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